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Why most people like to choose Isuzu crane truck ?

April 16, 2024

The engine is to a truck what the heart is to a person. It is an important part of the truck and the source of power for the car to run. Although its importance to automobiles is self-evident, the structure and size of engines of each brand are different, resulting in huge differences in the power and character of the engines. So which brand of engine is more suitable for commercial vehicles? There is a saying going around: Japanese diesel engines have a good reputation, and the boss only recognizes Isuzu.

The Isuzu diesel engine, which possesses the world’s advanced technology, has a small and compact product structure, which can save vehicle space; it has product features with good fuel-saving basics, and there is a lot of room for upgrades to save fuel; it can also ensure powerful power performance output and also We are constantly moving forward in pursuit of better reliability, durability and eco-friendliness, and are determined to become a diesel engine that sets global standards.

As the world’s top diesel engine manufacturer, Isuzu independently designed and developed Japan’s first DA4 and DA6 diesel engines as early as 1936. The maximum horsepower of DA6 was 90Ps, which was mounted on a 5-ton tractor that year. In 1941, Isuzu became the only company certified by the Japanese government to produce diesel vehicles.

After roughly understanding the chassis of this truck-mounted crane, let’s take a look at its crane. The crane uses the well-received XCMG crane.

Strong lifting capacity. The large arm of XCMG crane adopts an octagonal cross-section design, which makes the lifting capacity exceed the industry standard by 20%.
High work efficiency. The hydraulic parts use a large number of plunger pumps and proportional valves to achieve combined actions, and the operating efficiency exceeds the industry standard by 30%.

Extensive range of hoisting. The ultra-long boom and long leg span design make the hoisting range 20% higher than the industry average.
High security. Equipped with operating warning lights, over-roll alarm protection devices and high-pressure filters to ensure that the safety of the entire machine exceeds industry standards by 50%.
The structural parts are solidly made. Laser cutting and U-shaped high-strength plates are used to improve hoisting capacity.

Adaptable. XCMG cranes adopt advanced hydraulic systems and electronic control systems, which have excellent control stability and accuracy.
Powerful. The truck-mounted crane adopts advanced hydraulic control system and powerful power system, which is suitable for various working environments.
Great value for money. Competitively priced while providing high quality and long-lasting reliable results.
These characteristics make XCMG cranes perform well in a variety of hoisting tasks and are widely used in construction sites, construction, logistics, ports and other industries.

Follow me and I’ll let you know more about truck-mounted cranes in the next issue.

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