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Shacman Telescopic crane

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Why most people like to choose Isuzu crane truck ?

Why most people like to choose Isuzu crane truck ?

The engine is to a truck what the heart is to a person. It is an important part of the truck and the source of power for the car to run. Although its importance to automobiles is self-evident, the structure and size of engines of each brand are different, resulting in huge differences in the power and character of the …

CLW crane truck

Chengli 6×4 truck with 10ton xcmg crane

Today we show you a cost-effective XCMG ten-ton truck crane. It is my factory independent research and development of the CLW brand chassis, high-end atmosphere, in line with the domestic and international aesthetic, the use of chassis firm, easy to operate, with a year of after-sales service at home and abroad.Let’s have a look at this model in detail. Application  …

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