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6 units truck with XCMG cranes sent to Kyrgyzstan

6 units truck with XCMG cranes sent to Kyrgyzstan

Nov 28, 2023 6 units truck with XCMG cranes sent to Kyrgyzstan  on time. Today I will show you a batch of CLW XCMG  12 tons truck crane sent to Kyrgyzstan.Every time before departure, we have to drive the car to the exhibition ground, debug, check, inspection and other operations before notifying the driver, the car to the port or …

Dongfeng craned truck

Dongfeng 6×4 truck with XCMG crane

The old customers of the truck crane know that it is not difficult to find a model with high value, guaranteed quality and reasonable price, as the largest professional manufacturer of truck cranes in China, today we recommend a Dongfeng 6×4 truck crane to you! Characteristics of Dongfeng 6×4 truck with XCMG crane 1、The interior configuration of the cab is …

Chengli 6×6 truck with XCMG 8ton crane

This Chengli 6×6 cross-country truck crane is ready to be sent to Russia. Introduction of 6 drive off-road crane CLW full drive off-road truck lifting truck, referred to as full drive off-road truck (crane truck), is a kind of hydraulic lifting and telescopic system to achieve the lifting of goods, rotation, lifting equipment, usually assembled on the full drive off-road …

SHACMAN 8×4 crane truck

Shacman 8×4 truck with XCMG 20 ton crane

Our manufacturer also produces  well-known domestic and foreign brands such as DONGFENG, SINO  Truck, ISUZU, FOTON, FAW etc. You can choose from cranes ranging from 2 to 30 tons. The manufacturer directly sells them for export, with low prices, guaranteed quality, and worry free after-sales service! [Shacman 8×4 truck] with the crane, Shaanxi automobile standard cab (M low top), large …

Shacman Boom truck

SHACMAN L3000 truck with Zoomlion crane

The crane truck, full name is truck-mounted hoisting vehicle, is a kind of equipment that realizes the lifting, turning and hoisting of goods through hydraulic lifting and telescopic system. Simply put: the truck-mounted crane is a multi-functional special vehicle that integrates hoisting and transportation.Application is very extensive The truck crane is widely used in port wharf, factory workshop, construction site …

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