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ISUZU crane truck

ISUZU GIGA truck with 8t knuckle boom crane

Application of Isuzu Crane Truck Isuzu truck-mounted cranes are versatile pieces of equipment designed to efficiently lift and transport heavy loads in various industries. These cranes are mounted onto Isuzu trucks, combining the mobility of a truck with the lifting capabilities of a crane. Isuzu truck-mounted cranes are indispensable pieces of equipment across various industries due to their versatility, mobility, …

HOWO 4×4 crane truck

HOWO 4×4 truck with XCMG 3.2ton crane

HOWO 4WD truck-mounted crane is mainly used in the desert, Gobi Beach, saline and alkaline land, mud road, mountain road, no man’s land, mining area and other poor road conditions, used to lift and transport the goods to the place where ordinary vehicles can not reach.So what advantages does it have over a regular truck crane? 1. Since an all-wheeled …

Kaima crane truck

Kaima 4×4 truck with 3ton crane

Four-wheel drive trailer crane is a trail crane with off-road characteristics, compared with the traditional trailer crane models, four-wheel drive trailer crane advantage is that it can work in such as deserts, snow, forests, mining and other complex terrain, front-wheel drive brings the benefits of the ground attachment rate is the largest, climbing degree is large, good through the throughput, …

CLW crane truck

Chengli 6×4 truck with 10ton xcmg crane

Today we show you a cost-effective XCMG ten-ton truck crane. It is my factory independent research and development of the CLW brand chassis, high-end atmosphere, in line with the domestic and international aesthetic, the use of chassis firm, easy to operate, with a year of after-sales service at home and abroad.Let’s have a look at this model in detail. Application  …

Dongfeng truck with xcmg crane

Dongfeng V6 truck with XCMG crane

Applications of Dongfeng V6 truck with XCMG crane Truck crane is a kind of mobile lifting equipment with a certain lifting capacity, it can follow the vehicle, easy installation, flexible use. Its history can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s, when people began to use it for logistics transportation, providing convenience in construction, industrial production and other fields. …

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