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Dongfeng 4×2 boom truck

Dongfeng 4×2 truck with 10ton crane

Application Truck-mounted cranes, renowned for their versatility and mobility in handling lifting tasks, play an essential role in numerous industries due to their unique ability to transport and lift materials simultaneously. Here are some common applications: 1.Construction: Truck-mounted cranes are pivotal in lifting building materials like bricks, steel beams, and lumber directly onto construction sites, thus accelerating the construction process. …

4×4 crane truck

Dongfeng 4×4 truck with XCMG 8ton crane

Product Parameter Item Unit Parameter Brand — Dongfeng Driving form — 4×4 Engine — Cummins 230hp Wheelbase — 4200mm Gearbox — FAST 8 gear Front and rear axles — 5/10 ton Tire type — 1000R20 Off-road desert tire Crane brand — XCMG Model — SQS200 Working radius m 11.8 Max.Lifting Capacity kg 8000 Max.hydraulic outreach m 13.5 Slewing angle Degree 360 …

FOTON crane truck

FOTON 4×2 truck with XCMG crane

Applications of  FOTON 4×2 truck with XCMG crane Truck-mounted lifting truck, also can be called truck-mounted crane, some places according to the custom also called car crane, self-lifting truck, etc.. It is a kind of equipment to realize the lifting, turning and hoisting of goods through hydraulic lifting and telescopic system, and is usually assembled on trucks. Set lifting and …

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