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Why most people like to choose Isuzu crane truck ?

Why most people like to choose Isuzu crane truck ?

The engine is to a truck what the heart is to a person. It is an important part of the truck and the source of power for the car to run. Although its importance to automobiles is self-evident, the structure and size of engines of each brand are different, resulting in huge differences in the power and character of the …

Dongfeng 4×2 boom truck

Dongfeng 4×2 truck with 10ton crane

Application Truck-mounted cranes, renowned for their versatility and mobility in handling lifting tasks, play an essential role in numerous industries due to their unique ability to transport and lift materials simultaneously. Here are some common applications: 1.Construction: Truck-mounted cranes are pivotal in lifting building materials like bricks, steel beams, and lumber directly onto construction sites, thus accelerating the construction process. …

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