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6×6 crane truck

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Kaima crane truck

Kaima 4×4 truck with 3ton crane

Four-wheel drive trailer crane is a trail crane with off-road characteristics, compared with the traditional trailer crane models, four-wheel drive trailer crane advantage is that it can work in such as deserts, snow, forests, mining and other complex terrain, front-wheel drive brings the benefits of the ground attachment rate is the largest, climbing degree is large, good through the throughput, …

6×6 crane truck

Dongfeng 6×6 truck with xcmg 6.3ton crane

A mobile crane, also known as a truck-mounted crane or mobile crane, is a versatile lifting equipment widely employed in construction sites, logistics, and road maintenance. Mounted on trucks, lorries, or trailers, it offers high flexibility and easy mobility, making it suitable for various job sites. Product parameter Chassis parameters Engines   cummins B6.2NS6B210 210hP Transmission FAST 8JS118 Axle Front 6T+Rear …

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