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Sinotruk Howo 4×2 wrecker truck Sent to Tanzania

March 19, 2024

Today, what we’re showcasing is a debris wrecker truck  for Tanzania. After 2 years of evaluation, the client has signed off on this vehicle with great trust. Below, we’ll present the configuration of this vehicle for everyone.

Detailed configuration

Vehicle Name HOWO 4×2 wrecker truck
Driving Type Right-hand drive




Engine &




Engine Model YN4102QBZL
Engine Brand YUN NEI
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement/ Power 3.76L/85kW(116hp)
Emission Standard Euro Ⅲ
Rated speed 3000rpm
Max torque 250N.m
Transmission WLY6T100(manual)
Number of speeds 6 Forwards, 1Reverse
Brake Air brake





Chassis Type ZZ1047D3414D1R45
Drive Type 4×2
Wheelbase 3360(mm)
No. of Axles 2
Cab seats 2
Max Speed(km/h) 100
Tire 7.00R16
Tire No.’s 6
Voltage 24V


Basic information

Gross Vehicle Weight 6000(kg)
Curb Weight 2850(kg)
Rated Weight / load 3150(kg)
Overall dimension 7000×2300×2400(mm)(l×w×h)
loading capacity 3-4ton
Basic Configuration One board (optional flip board or telescopic plate), two side operation device, 1 4 tons hydraulic winch (25 meters wire rope), 1 tool box, 2 tire stop plates, 4 straps, 1 pair of auxiliary trolley, 1 pair of holding frame, 1 pair of holding tube.
Attach configuration Wireless remote, cab air conditioning, air deflector,Hand-washing box


HOWO wrecker truck

Introducing the advantages of the SinoTruck Howo debris wrecker truck:

1.Robust Construction: The SinoTruck Howo debris removal vehicle boasts a sturdy construction, designed to withstand rigorous usage in various terrains and conditions.

2.High Efficiency: Equipped with advanced technology and efficient machinery, the Howo debris removal vehicle ensures swift and effective clearance of debris, enhancing productivity on cleanup operations.

3.Spacious Capacity: With ample storage and loading capacity, this vehicle can accommodate large volumes of debris, enabling extended periods of operation without frequent unloading.

4.Versatile Functionality: The Howo debris removal vehicle is versatile, capable of handling various types of debris, including solid waste, rubble, and other materials commonly encountered in cleanup operations.

5.Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is prioritized in the design of the Howo debris removal vehicle, with features such as advanced braking systems, stability control, and ergonomic design elements to ensure operator safety during operation.

6.Reliable Performance: Backed by a reputation for reliability and durability, SinoTruck Howo vehicles are known for their consistent performance and longevity, providing peace of mind to operators and owners alike.

Overall, the SinoTruck Howo debris removal vehicle offers a combination of durability, efficiency, and versatility, making it a preferred choice for debris clearance operations in various settings.

HOWO wrecker truck

some pictrues

HOWO wrecker truck

HOWO wrecker truck

HOWO wrecker truck

HOWO wrecker truck



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