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How to choose a suitable crane truck?

December 19, 2023

As a common engineering equipment, truck-mounted crane is widely used in various construction sites, logistics transportation and cargo loading and unloading occasions. In the face of a wide range of truck crane brands and models on the market, how to buy a suitable truck crane has become a problem for many people?

Truck mounted crane

In terms of brands, they are known for their advanced technology and stable performance, such as the more popular Dongfeng, Isuzu, FAW and Shacman. These brands have a high share in the high-end market, but the price is relatively high. Domestic brands, on the other hand, have the advantage of high cost performance and strong applicability, such as XCMG, Sany, Stone Coal, Hubei Changxing and so on. These brands meet the basic operational needs while paying more attention to the durability of the equipment and the convenience of maintenance.

Truck mounted crane

From the chassis type, you can choose according to different road sections:
Off-road type: it is suitable for occasions with complicated terrain and unfixed operation surface, such as mountainous area and desert. It is recommended to buy the truck crane with strong off-road performance and passability, such as 4×4,6×6 chassis.
High-speed type: applicable to highway or urban expressway and other road conditions are better occasions, the requirements of the truck crane has a high driving speed and handling stability.
Heavy-duty type: It is suitable for occasions with large cargo weight and high loading capacity requirements, such as wharf, mine, and so on.

Truck mounted crane

In my personal opinion, the after-sales service of the product is also very important:
When buying truck cranes, you need to understand the brand’s after-sales service content, including the warranty period, maintenance cycle, parts supply, etc..
Pay attention to the distribution of after-sales service outlets: when buying truck cranes, you should choose the brand with perfect after-sales service outlets, so that when the equipment has problems, you can get timely repair and maintenance.
Understand the reputation and user evaluation: you can search through the Internet, industry exhibitions and other ways to understand the truck crane brand reputation and user evaluation, in order to choose a high reliability, good service quality brand.

Truck mounted crane

In short, before you buy a truck crane that meets your needs, you must understand the purpose of the model, the model’s load, and the purchase budget, so that we can help you pick an affordable, good service products

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