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  • Kaima 4×4 truck with 3ton crane


    2、Engine:YUNNEI 170 hp

    3、Driving Form:4×4  LHD/RHD

    4、Crane brand:CHANGXING

    5、Crane load:3 tons

    Truck crane can also be called:Truck-mounted crane、Mobile crane、Lorry-mounted crane、Telescopic crane、Boom truck、Hydraulic crane and so on.

    • Specifications

    Kaima crane truck

    Four-wheel drive trailer crane is a trail crane with off-road characteristics, compared with the traditional trailer crane models, four-wheel drive trailer crane advantage is that it can work in such as deserts, snow, forests, mining and other complex terrain, front-wheel drive brings the benefits of the ground attachment rate is the largest, climbing degree is large, good through the throughput, strong power, high security, is the first choice of engineering cross-country products.

                                     Kaima 4×4 truck with crane parameter
    Engine YNF40E1 170hp Overall dimensions 6300×2500×3250(mm)
    Wheel base 3200(mm) Body dimension 3400×2400×550(mm)
    Total mass 10495(Kg) Rated mass 3710(Kg)
    Fuel type diesel Maximum speed. 90(km/h)
    Drive form 4×4 Transmission Millionaire 5-speed
    Crane brand Changxing Model SQS157
    Max.Lifting capacity 32OOKG Lifting height 7.9m
    Working radius 5.75m Crane weight 1050KG


    Kaima crane truck

    Advantages of Kaima Truck Crane

    First, Kemah is reasonably priced

    Kemah’s prices are reasonable and more affordable, while the quality is also guaranteed, so that consumers can get more value for their money. And the price of Kemah is also more affordable than other brands, so that more users can use Kemah’s products.

    Kaima crane truck

    Second, Kemah excellent performance

    Kemah’s performance is excellent, characterized by easy operation, low failure rate, durability, stable operation, and has good safety performance, to meet the various needs of users. And Kemah’s technical support is also very timely, can provide users with effective help.

    Kaima crane truck

    Third, Kemah easy to use

    Kemah products are easy to use, its beautiful appearance, simple operation, the user can quickly master the operation method, but also provide professional use of the guide, more conducive to the use of the user.

    Kaima crane truck

    Kaima crane truck

    Kaima crane truck


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