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  • ISUZU 4×2 truck with 6.3t crane


    2、Engine: ISUZU 160 hp

    3、Driving Form:4×2  LHD

    4、Crane brand:CHENGLI

    5、Crane load:6.3 tons

    Truck crane can also be called:Truck-mounted crane、Mobile crane、Lorry-mounted crane、Telescopic crane、Boom truck、Hydraulic crane and so on.

    • Specifications

    Influence of Isuzu brand

    ptability, has made a significant impact on the global automotive industry. Isuzu, a Japanese automaker renowned for its trucks and commercial vehicles, has crafted chassis designs that have been widely adopted across various applications worldwide. the worldwide influence of Isuzu chassis stems from their reputation for reliability, versatility, global accessibility, fuel efficiency, technological sophistication, adaptability, and robust aftermarket support. These factors collectively position Isuzu as a leading provider of chassis solutions with enduring impact across diverse industries and regions worldwide.

     Characteristics of Isuzu  crane truck

    1.Robust Construction: Isuzu’s onboard crane is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and reliability even in demanding working environments.

    2.Variable Lifting Capacities: These cranes come in a range of lifting capacities, allowing users to choose the model that best suits their requirements. Whether it’s lifting light loads or heavy machinery, there’s an Isuzu crane for the job.

    3.Flexible Configurations: Isuzu offers a variety of configurations to accommodate different truck models and applications. Whether it’s a flatbed truck, a utility vehicle, or a specialized truck, there’s an onboard crane solution to fit.

    4.Ease of Operation: Isuzu’s onboard cranes are designed for ease of operation, with user-friendly controls and intuitive interfaces. This ensures that operators can efficiently maneuver the crane to lift, lower, and position loads with precision.

    5.Safety Features: Safety is paramount in crane operations, and Isuzu integrates various safety features into their onboard crane systems. This includes overload protection, emergency stop mechanisms, and stability-enhancing technologies to prevent accidents and ensure operator well-being.

    6.Compact Design: Despite their powerful lifting capabilities, Isuzu’s onboard cranes feature a compact design that minimizes space requirements on the truck. This allows for greater maneuverability and versatility, especially in tight spaces or urban environments.

    7.Low Maintenance Requirements: Isuzu’s onboard cranes are designed for minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs. With proper care and regular inspections, these cranes provide long-lasting performance and reliability.

    8.Versatile Applications: From construction sites to logistics operations, Isuzu’s onboard cranes find applications in a wide range of industries. They can be used for loading and unloading cargo, lifting equipment, erecting structures, and more, making them indispensable tools for many businesses.

    Reference photoes

    ISUZU crane truck

    ISUZU crane truck

    ISUZU crane truck

    ISUZU crane truck

    ISUZU crane truck

    ISUZU crane truck

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