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  • HOWO 6WD crane truck with auger


    2、Engine: WEICHAI 300 hp

    3、Driving Form:6×6  LHD

    4、Crane brand:XCMG

    5、Crane load:12 tons

    Truck crane can also be called:Truck-mounted crane、Mobile crane、Lorry-mounted crane、Telescopic crane、Boom truck、Hydraulic crane and so on.

    • Specifications

    Introduce of  HOWO 6WD truck-mounted crane with auger

    The multifunctional utility vehicle is increasingly favored, offering multiple uses in one vehicle, essentially providing the utility of multiple vehicles in one purchase. The truck-mounted drilling rig is an example of such a multifunctional utility crane. It serves not only as a crane but also as a drilling machine, facilitating tasks such as transplanting large plants, relocating utility poles, and driving piles for construction projects, among others, with convenience and speed. While major cities have fewer concerns about utility poles, many rural areas, due to their remote locations, still rely on them for essential power supply infrastructure. Today, we showcase a multifunctional utility crane from HOWO as an example.

    HOWO 6wd crane truck

    Parameters of HOWO 6WD crane truck

    Vehicle Name SINOTRUK HOWO 6×6 Truck with 12ton crane
    Brand HOWO
    Cab Type Left-Hand Drive
    Engine &
    Engine Model WP10.350E32
    Engine Brand Weichai Power Co., Ltd.
    Fuel type Diesel
    Displacement (ml) / Power 10.26ML/ 257kw (350HP)
    Emission Standard Euro III
    No. of transmission gears 10Forward, 2Reverse
    Chassis Chassis Type CA3224P2K2T1YA80
    Drive Type 6×4
    No. of Axles 3
    Cab seats 3
    Tire 12.00R20 18PR
    Tire No.’s 10+1
    Air condition Yes
    Basic information Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 36000
    Curb Weight(kg) 14000
    Rated load(kg) 22000
    Wheelbase(mm) 3700+1350
    Overall Dimension(mm)
    (length ×width×height )


    HOWO 6wd crane truck

    Parameters of XCMG 12t 4-section boom

    Crane Model: SQS300-4
    Lifting height: 14.5 metres
    Working radius: 12.5 metres
    Crane span: 2300mm
    Outrigger span at full extension: 5700mm
    Outrigger height: 745mm
    Outrigger full extension: 1385mm
    Crane main boom: 360 degree full hydraulic full slewing
    Outrigger extension: hydraulic automatic
    In addition, the crane can lift different weights at different working radii, specifically:

    Working radius 2.5 metres: 12000kg
    Working radius 4.5 metres: 6000kg
    Working radius 7 metres: 3500kg
    Working radius 9 metres: 2700kg
    Working radius 12.5 metres: 1800kg.

    HOWO 6wd crane truck

    HOWO 6wd crane truck

    HOWO 6wd crane truck

    Main inforamtion of the auger intalled on the crane

    Auger is an equipment which can be easily installed on the crane for digging holes for electric poles. It’s powered by a strogn hydraulic pump/motor, and the power is from truck transmission. The size/ model of the auger can be from 250mm 350mm 450mm 550mm 650mm 850mm 1000mm, this is also the diameter of the hole it can dig.

    HOWO 6wd crane truck

    HOWO 6wd crane truck

    Advantage of  auger used on crane trucks

    The truck-mounted crane with a drill head not only serves the function of lifting and transporting but also provides additional capabilities for drilling and hole punching. We know that whether it’s planting trees or installing utility poles, it’s necessary to first dig a hole. With such a multifunctional product, compared to manual digging, wouldn’t users be able to save a lot of time? By hoisting the drilling rod onto the vehicle, it takes only 5 minutes to drill a hole and 30 minutes to complete the installation of a utility pole. With this, 40 to 50 utility poles can be swiftly installed each day. The efficiency is several times higher than manual labor, saving time, effort, and worry.

    HOWO 6wd crane truck



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