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  • Dongfeng 4×4 truck with XCMG 8ton crane


    2、Engine: Y UCHAI 230 hp

    3、Driving Form:4×4  LHD/RHD

    4、Crane brand:XCMG

    5、Crane load:8 tons

    Truck crane can also be called:Truck-mounted crane、Mobile crane、Lorry-mounted crane、Telescopic crane、Boom truck、Hydraulic crane and so on.

    • Specifications

    4×4 crane truck

    Product Parameter

    Item Unit Parameter
    Brand Dongfeng
    Driving form 4×4
    Engine Cummins 230hp
    Wheelbase 4200mm
    Gearbox FAST 8 gear
    Front and rear axles 5/10 ton
    Tire type 1000R20 Off-road desert tire
    Crane brand XCMG
    Model SQS200
    Working radius m 11.8
    Max.Lifting Capacity kg 8000
    Max.hydraulic outreach m 13.5
    Slewing angle Degree 360
    Slewing torque T.M 1.3
    Stabilizer spread mm 3462
    Fitting space required mm 850
    Width folded mm 2374
    Max. operating pressure MPa 22
    Net weight kg 3315


    4×4 crane truck

    Product Description

    Truck mounted crane is a kind of hydraulic lift and telescopic system to achieve the goods up and down, rotation, lifting equipment, usually assembled on the truck. Generally by the truck chassis, cargo compartment, take power, crane composition.

    1, advanced R & D and analysis means to ensure design reliability.

    2, four-link mechanism, lifting capacity stronger.

    3, flange telescopic arm connection structure.

    4, independent research and development of the rotating body, with a strong driving force, may meet more demand conditions.

    5, hexagonal boom technology, good for neutral, cross-section bending ability.

    6, the unique floating three-point bridge structure design, effectively reduce the vehicle running when the chassis beam bear the additional force.

    4×4 crane truck


    1. Reasonable, large safety factor

    2. The whole series is fully hydraulic control

    3. Large working range, 360 degrees full rotation

    4. The new H-type leg can adapt to uphill and irregular site operation

    5. The main components such as boom and leg are all made of high-strength high-quality steel plate, lighter weight and greater lifting weight

    6. The configuration is high. Hydraulic valve lock international matching, other accessories all use domestic well-known brands, more safe and reliable

    4×4 crane truck

    Maintenance method of truck crane

    1、 The chassis is maintained at the local service station according to the after-sales service manual. According to the product maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer, it is necessary for the crane operator to operate the equipment, before operating the machine, be sure to read the crane maintenance manual, according to the requirements of the manual for operation and maintenance.

    2、 Keep the crane clean for a long time, adjust and tighten the loose parts in time to prevent the wear and tear of parts or the loss of parts due to loosening.

    4×4 crane truck

    3、Pay attention to the load during the running-in period of the crane, the load during the running-in period is generally not more than 80% of the rated load, and to arrange a suitable workload for the crane, to prevent the machine from overheating for a long time continuous operation.

    4、Operators should pay attention to frequently check the coolant, lubricating oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil and fuel oil (water) level and quality, and pay attention to check the tightness of the vehicle. At the same time, the lubrication of each lubrication point of the crane should be strengthened, and it is recommended that during the running-in period, each shift should add grease to the lubrication point (except for special requirements).

    4×4 crane truck

    4×4 crane truck

    Packaging & Shipping

    We have made remarkable achievements in maritime transportation. Over the past decade, we have been taking customer satisfaction as our goal, keeping the goods intact as our duty, cooperating with the shipping industry, paying close attention to the logistics process and ensuring that customers receive the goods on time.

    4×4 crane truck

    Company Information

    In order to meet the requirements of different countries for emission standards, our company and products have relevant certificates issued by authoritative agencies, you can buy at ease.


    1:Over 10 Years’Foreign Trade Experience

    2:Rich experience in sea transportation

    3:Professional and enthusiastic salesman



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