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6 units truck with XCMG cranes sent to Kyrgyzstan

November 28, 2023

Nov 28, 2023 6 units truck with XCMG cranes sent to Kyrgyzstan  on time.

 xcmg mobile crane

Today I will show you a batch of CLW XCMG  12 tons truck crane sent to Kyrgyzstan.Every time before departure, we have to drive the car to the exhibition ground, debug, check, inspection and other operations before notifying the driver, the car to the port or the border for delivery.Now I would like to briefly introduce our factory:

 xcmg mobile crane

ChengLi Special Automobile CO.,LTD , is a very famous manufacturer of truck and trailer in China. We provide many kinds of trucks for transport, construction, environment, oil, chemical field. Our company has 8 working building, more than 3000 workers. The area of factory is more than 690,000m2. In the past 10 years, we have exported various of trucks to Africa, Asia and South America such as Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Namibia, Maldives, Tajikistan, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Peru, Chile, etc more than 80 countries and more than 4000 trucks every year. Our leading products includ Fuel tank truck, Tanker trailer, Acid trailer, Water truck, LPG truck, LPG trailer, LPG storage tank, Refrigerator truck, Dump truck, Concrete mixer truck , Sewage truck, Garbage truck, Truck crane, Van truck, Semi-trailer, Tractor truck, Chemical liquid truck, etc more than 30 kinds of special trucks. Our products are superior in quality and lower in price, any friend who is interested in our products.

 xcmg mobile crane

Why do most customers like XCMG crane?

1、Industry scale, product varieties and series complete, with a strong competitiveness, influence and national strategic position of 100 billion level leading enterprises, the company is mainly engaged in lifting machinery, scraper machinery, compaction machinery, aerial machinery and other construction machinery and spare parts of the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service work.

 xcmg mobile crane

2、Today, the company has gradually in the Asia Pacific region, Central Asia region, Africa region, a total of 64 countries covered the layout of a perfect marketing network, with 180 first-level dealers, 24 offices, service spare parts center 100, the competitive advantage in the industry is very prominent. In the future, the company will take transformation and upgrading and high-quality development as the main line, in addition to technological innovation, but also to internationalize as a strategic focus, not only committed to becoming a global trust, more unique value and creativity of world-class enterprises.

 xcmg mobile crane

3、The company has a rich product matrix to meet the diversified needs of customers. In addition to providing the most diversified product types, the company also provides the most complete series of integrated construction machinery enterprises, including not only crane K series and G series, are the company’s star product series. The first series launched by the company is K series, which has changed the market competition pattern and spurred the company to become the first enterprise in the domestic truck crane industry.

 xcmg mobile crane

4、The company has outstanding capabilities, including product technology and business capabilities. After sustained efforts in the early stage, a number of innovative achievements have officially landed, allowing the company to successfully join the ranks of global crane competition. In addition to long-term assistance to the whole machine technology research and development, the company can also gradually begin to independently design parts according to product performance, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States have R & D centers, and actively promote the development and production of parts technology.

 xcmg mobile crane

We also have some crane accessories available all year round

Boom truck

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